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GTA San Andreas to GTA V Final Mods Pack for Android

One of the most famous mod pack for GTA San Andreas Android Versions is back! VISA 2 Final!
VISA or V In San Andreas is a total conversion mod for GTA San Andreas Android. The maker of this mod are "Jerad Skull and many other modders". This is the final version of VISA mod. There are many new vehicles (many vehicles are from GTA V), there are new weapons, new textures, lots of CLEO mods and much more!!!
Featured Mods in Mods Pack for Android:
- Added New Vehicles
- Kuruma >Armored Kuruma
- Added Railgun, homing launcher, hatchet
- Added copyright text
- Vehicle lights now get xenon lights
- GTA V Pickup Items (health kit, armour, money)
- Balanced weapon stats
- Improved Graphics
- Vehicle Xenon Light
- Improved Weapon Hud texture
- Improved Sniper Scope
- Improved Player Animation
- Improved Road Textures
- Fixed Some vehicle names
- Fixed Hammer icon in weapon hud
- Fixed Various bugs
- Hud color bonus file now support 1.03 and 1.05, 1.07
- Game button changed

- New loading screen

1. Download VISA 2 Mod Files
2. Extract the Downloaded Zip
3. Go to Location where you extracted mod /VISAPatchFiles/PATCH_FILE/com.rockstargames.gtasa/
4. Copy all files and folder present there. And paste them to:

5. You have successfully installed VISA 2 Final!


Instructions Drive Download Links
To Extract All Drive Download Parts :
1. Move All Parts In one Folder
2. Open ZArchiver App And Extract Part 4 (Name = VISA2v1.4_Official.zip) only.
3. Done. You will see Extracted file 1.45 Gb

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