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Hang Glider Jetpack for GTA SA Android

New Jetpack Mods for gta sa android. How to install this mod in android:
Extract your ".obb" file using winrar. (PC). Click Here if you do not know how to extract ".obb" files of GTA San Andreas Android.
- First of all move the "anim" folder to:
[*Make new "files" folder if doesn't exist]
- Open IMG Tool you downloaded in step one and open "gta3.img" file using it. Which can be found by going to:
   /(extracted obb)/texdb/gta3.img
- Find and replace the ".dff" model file in this zip by going to "Actions>>Replace if exists" option and then selecting the ".dff" files.
   then goto Commands>Rebuild Archive and then exit.
- Now run TXD Fucker and open this file with it:
  /(extracted obb)/texdb/gta3/gta3.txt
- Click on Import > with alpha and select all files inside "with alpha" folder.
- Exit and Copy below file and folder:
   /(extracted obb)/texdb/gta3.img (this file)
   /(extracted obb)/texdb/gta3/ (this folder)
  and Paste them in your phone's:
[*Make new "files" and "texdb" folder if doesn't exist]

[Author: Karl Chester]

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