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Amazing Skybox for GTA SA Android

Mod ini berguna untuk mengganti background langit (sky) menjadi langit galaxy atau menjadi keren. Here is another cool sky box mod for GTA San Andreas Android. This mod contains new textures for sky, cloud, sun etc. It will change the graphics of GTA SA Mobile. The maker of this mod is "Guy Kamarov". All you have to do is add the textures in game files and then you can use this mod. There are no bugs and graphics look much vivid and better than default after installing this mod.
Step: How to Install this mod
-Extract the downloaded mod (zip file)
-Extract your ".obb" file using winrar (Use computer)
-Now run TXD Fuker and open this file (search in google if you don't have txd fuker) /(extracted obb)/texdb/mobile/mobile.txt
-Click on Import with alpha and select all files inside "with alpha" folder
-Again click on Import without alpha and select all files inside "without alpha" folder
-Exit and Copy below file and folder: /(extracted obb)/texdb/txd/ (this folder)
-And Paste them in your phone's: /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb/
=Now run the game and enjoy the mod.

[Author: Guy Kamarov]

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